Easy to use Billing, Inventory & Financial accounts management system

HDPOS smart feature list

Inventory Easy Billing

  • Get started quickly
  • Customize the way your bill prints
  • Specify product names in your regional language
  • Express check out
  • Keyboard less checkout for touch screens
  • Create Invoice estimates / Performa Invoices
  • Fix data entry mistakes by deleting bills, editing bills, shifting bill numbers
  • Point of Sale Paperless billing
  • Send bills as emails / SMS
Multiple Company Multiple Company

  • Manage multiple books of accounts
  • Secure your books of accounts by login authentication
  • Restrict complete access to different books of accounts
  • View reports as per login access to books of accounts
Customer Stock Management

  • Support for multiple godowns
  • Manage damaged / Dump stock
  • Transfer stock from godown to godown
  • Easily create PO, Receive Item Entry
  • Obtain stock reports for any day in the past
  • Stock ledger
Purchase & Supplier Product Management/Item Management

  • Defining product is made easy for various business types
  • Integration with electronic weighing scale
  • Assign your own barcodes to product or use existing
  • Print barcode stickers
  • Support for EAN number
  • Add your own fields to products e.g.: size, color, manufacturer, gender, group
  • Handle sorting and cleaning of loose items
  • Batch upload your products using Excel
  • Export product list as Excel file
  • Organize your items in more than one category
Reports Serial Number

  • Manage your electronics items by their serial numbers
  • Track purchase & sale dates by serial numbers
  • Manage warranty periods effectively
  • Search invoices / customers by item serial numbers
  • Manage mobile IMEI number, battery serial number, charger serial number, TV & other appliances serial numbers
  • Print serial numbers, IMEI numbers easily on your invoice
Offer Offer

  • Create many types of offers
  • Discount on items
  • Discount on category
  • Discount on invoice
  • Buy X get Y free
  • Spot discount facility for last minute negotiations
Barcode & Stickers Unlimited Reports

  • Analytical reports to enhance your business
  • View your daily sales, profit & loss, Trial balance and many more reports
  • Export your data / reports as excel files
  • View your business reports on your smart phone
  • Free reports customization as part of our support plan
Access Right Access Rights

  • Granular control on all functionalities
  • Create your own additional passwords to access specific area of application
  • Restrict access to specific areas of the application from specific computer
  • Create user groups, functionality groups and manage your own access rights effectively
GiftCards Payment Management

  • Manage payments from customers by Cash / Credit / Cheque / Store credit / Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Subsidy
  • Manage customer advance payments
  • Specify each customer’s credit limit separately if needed
  • Accept food coupons
  • Track cheque status
  • Generate aging reports
  • Make payments to your supplier by the payment terms
Schemes & Promotions Barcode Sticker Printing

  • Print your own barcode stickers.
  • Pre-defined sticker layouts
  • Support for dedicated sticker printers
  • Design your own sticker layouts
  • Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design
  • Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing
  • Support for A4 size sticker sheets
  • Support for partial sheet printing
cash register Cash Register

  • Create multiple cash registers
  • View cash register balance at any time
  • Manage cash register sessions
  • Associate cash register with user login
  • Manage separate bill books per cash register
  • View cash, credit card slips & cheque details
  • Print cash register details
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting

  • Maintain accounting books.
  • Maintain daybook like entries & manage your expense accounts like electricity bills
  • Print Balance sheet
  • Maintain petty cash, Issue general vouchers.
  • Define commission for sales for your employees
  • Get reports of commission earned by employees
2-Way SMS Supports

  • Conveniently send SMSes from your GSM dongle.
  • Send SMSes at various stages to your customers and suppliers.
  • Have two way communications with your POS computer via SMS when you are away from your shop
  • Request for simple reports via SMS to your dongle that is attached to your computer
Close DataBase

  • Close your database at any time by yourself.
  • Remove old documents, invoices to closed database.
  • Start fresh database with new opening balance .
  • Switch to your earlier database.
  • Run reports from your closed database.

  • Connect with your customers better by printing invoices in your own regional languages
  • Support for Laser, thermal & ink Jet printers
  • Multiple printer support
  • Support for pre printed stationery
  • Many different invoice printing format available
Appication Bridge

  • HDPOS offers complete financial accounting and have all accounts and ledgers
  • If you still want to use tally, easily move all your financial information to your tally computer on a regular basis
  • Move your data to your accountant’s tally computer using a pen drive
  • Send selective transactions from HDPOS to tally with our application bridge
Customer Management

  • Keep your customer’s information effectively
  • Group your customers in various groups
  • Specify different sales prices for different customers like whole sellers, distributors, end users etc.
  • Create your own customer membership plans
  • Specify different credit limits for individual customers
  • Send emails / SMS to your customers
Product Images

  • Add your item images .
  • View your item images in different arrangements.
  • Pictorial interface for restaurants.
  • Easily pick your items using images while billing
  • Print images in your bills Production / Purchase Planning
  • Plan your purchases & production.
  • Specify how much stock you need to have, HDPOS will tell you what you need to buy and how much it would cost.
  • HDPOS will break down material to raw material level and tell you how much is your purchase & manufacturing cost.
  • You can select multiple estimates & view your purchase and making cost & arrive at selling cost appropriately.
Production / Purchase Planning

  • Plan your purchase & production.
  • Specify how much stock you need to have,HDPOS tell you what you need to buy and how much it would cost you.
  • HDPOS will breke down material to raw material level and tell you how much is your purchage & manufacturing cost.
  • you can select multiple estimate & view your purchage and making cost & arrive at selling cost appropriately.
  • You can select multiple estimate and view your shortage and plan your purchage and production for dilivery.
AMC Management

  • Manage AMC for electrical & electronics appliances you sell
  • Remind your customers to renew AMC
  • Easily check if equipment sold by you has AMC
  • Increase your AMC revenues
Service & Repair

  • Receive material from customer’s e.g. Electronics items to be repaired, cloths to be stitched, things to be worked upon.
  • Give customer note of material reciept.
  • Manage notes, instructions on the customer items.
  • Manage the workflow (state of work) on customer items.
  • Manage the information of the materials used on the customer items.
  • Define your own fields on customer items (like measurements of the customer, problem with item or other instructions).
Gift Card Management

  • Improve your sales by using gift card.
  • sell gift card of any value to your customer.
  • Receive payment using gift card.
  • Issue gift card for sales return.
  • Recharge your gift card
Customer Loyalty

  • Define default loyalty settings
  • Define date wise loyalty settings
  • Redeem your customer’s loyalty points
  • Support for referral loyalty points
  • Support for loyalty point’s expiration

  • Have HDPOS smart send you reports at set times in a day
  • Receive reports as emails or SMSes
  • Get SMS notification of your daily business from your computer when your staff closes the shop for the day.

 HDPOS smart on your Windows Tablet


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