On line Store

On Line Store

Get your Shop Online !

  • No need spend additional time and efforts to get your Website designed and developed.
  • Get your Shop Online in less than an hour !
  • HDPOS smart provides a Companion e-commerce website to get your store on the Internet very quickly.
  • All your products, updated prices, stock, Internet invoices, can be synchronized to your local system with a click of a single button.
  • Many Web designs to choose from.
  • Website is completely integrated with your HDPOSsmart.
  • When you change items, prices etc in HDPOS they will also reflect on your website.
  • Orders generated on website will show up on your HDPOS smart terminal

Get your Online shop Integrated with Payment Gateway and open the doors to the world


Easy setup for your online store.

  • Customize the e-Commerce pages with Store name, Logo and own choice of Banners & Advertisements following minimum settings in your HDPOS smart.
  • Have your Product Catalogue available over internet
  • All your products will be Online as per Categories you have created in HDPOS smart.
  • Provide Several Images of the same item to better represent your products.
  • Your online Product price, Stock and Description will be same as you have entered in your HDPOS smart.
  • Create Custom Fields in your item to get advanced search filters.
  • Specify the Time Slots in a day for your online order deliveries. Customers on your website will be able to specify when they would like to receive the delivery from your delivery van.

Have a minimum Purchase Amount from your customer’s to complete their web orders.

What’s your customer’s experience?

  • Your customer’s will be able to view your website with all Products and Images.
  • Your customer’s can easily navigate through your website as per Categories and Filters you have created.
  • Your customer’s can create their own Login/Password and place online orders.
  • Your customer’s can review their last orders and quickly repeat orders. This brings convenience to your online customers and more business to you.

Your customer’s will receive Email Confirmation about the order placed.

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