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How to insert sum total of field?

1. First make the field Val based. Go to insert field, create new field, name it, type “val(“select the field you want to sum from above field list”)

2. now insert the same in to report.

3. Now right click on the field and press insert > grand total. This will ring up sum field for footer.

How to export any report data in to excel?

Just go to print.
Now in preview on top you will find one export envelope logo.
Click on it.
Now select format as “excel 7.0”
Destination as
Now Press OK.
You will find your data into excel sheet.

Here you can remove or add any data as you want.


how to change inches to mm in crystal reports

Go to Control Panel > Change Keyboards or other input methods > Formats then select English (United States). It will change your measurement unit from Cm to Inches. I tested it by switching from English (United Kindom) to English (United States) and vise versa and it worked


New Software Barcode print Error file


for barcode print in new exe


how do i change field value “0” to Blank in crystal report 8.5?

Right click over each field (or you could multi select fields)
A popup menu appear
Select “Format Field”
A “Format Editor” window appear
Select “Number” tab
Click “Customize” button
Check “Suppress If Zero”

>>> To Type Pound Symbol on keyboard Press Alt+0163   “£”

How to print Barcode in Sequence :

Go to BarDB > dbcake > Cake Table >

Make CakeName as Number in Data Type and Make it Indexed Yes.

Remove Indexed yes from cakeid and make it no.

Disk or Network Error : While looking into leger. : How to resolve. Please go to Master :

Company Info : Please check Previous Year Database Path. : Remove if not Needed.

This will Resolve this error. This Happens because data path is mismatched because of

restore of data in wrong sequence.

## Also Check Companies12.mdb is Not Corrupted. Or insert a new mdb file.

Automatic Date Calculation Formula in Crystal Report for our software

Automatic Date Calculation Formula in Crystal Report for SpeedPlus Oneplus SuperERP software


Error : “Either EOF or BOF is True”

After Year Close if this Error comes while making Sales Bill,

After Selecting Item,

Please go to Help > Remove Null >

Password is “9876543210”

Now Click on Update Groups & Update All Tables.

This Should Resolve this Item Selection Error.

to Check Weather This error resolved or not?

Fo to Item Master, Select ANy Item from Item List,

Now Press Update Button. It should not Give Any Error message here.

This Means this error is resolved.









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