Service Category

Service Category

1. Download Support Setup 2. Service Software Setup

  1. Please Download both above setup files, and install them into your PC
  2. Software will start running immediately (Installation Time : 1 Min.)

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Detail of software for service module :

1.1 Customer Management

  • Customer assets can be managed better
  • Analysis of customer asset details lying with us from how many days, current status, expected closer date, etc.
  • All billed serviceable items at POS are available as customer asset in service module automatically.
  • Customer assets can be created manually in Service module [optional and useful especially Service stations]
  • Customer asset ID can be defined manually.

1.2 Job Card Management

  • Job card can be specified to be made under warranty or in AMC period
  • Job card can be have customer approval as a process
  • Spares Inventory maintained separately, spares consumed per job card are tracked separately. Service and Spare separate or combined invoice can be generated.
  • Provisions to take return of unused spares.
  • Quality assurance process can be attached and detached
  • Job card can be made based on Delivery Note or Sales Order.
  • Just a click conversion of Job card to invoice
  • Job card creation with or without asset details. [asset is optional, useful especially Service stations]
  • Job card can have priority levels associated for speed service etc,.
  • Job card can have user definable additional information as a part of a job card.
  • Job card can be assigned manual or automatic job card ID.
  • Customer advance amount capturing and adjusting the same while generating final invoice.
  • Multiple assets can be serviced with single job card entry.
  • Record asset wise complaint and the same can be assigned to multiple employees.
  • Each task[complaint/service] can be assigned to different employees.
  • Complaint/Service wise status can be reviewed at any point in time
  • Task for the specific complaint/service status can be reviewed at any point in time.
  • Spare parts used to complete the task can be tracked and the same are billed in final invoice.

1.3 Configuration

  • Manan Enterprise offers service module as fully flexible and configurable module that can be molded as per business needs
  • Option to add additional fields that can be used to at time of Job card creation.
  • Next service due reminder can be set.
  • Supports multiple companies.
  • Job card can be closed any point in time irrespective of the task completion status.
  • Set default service type for the job card.

1.4 Process Management

  • Provisions to set up multiple processes like Installation schedule management, Service management, Complaint management, etc.
  • Process Management can be linked to task individually
  • Process Management can be linked to status individually

1.5 Master Management

  • Task master
  • Status master
  • Complaint / Service master
  • Spares master
  • Process Master
  • Type Master
  • Job Card Additional info Master
  • Priority Master
  • Employee Master
  • Job Role Master

1.6 Analysis Reports

  • Pending Job Cards summary
  • Pending Job Cards Detailed
  • Estimate – Actual Amount Variance Report
  • Estimated – Actual Delivery Time Variance Report
  • Employee wise job card report
  • Job card status based report
  • Complain status report

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